Top 9 Online Jobs in the Philippines 2021

Working from home is the new norm now that the pandemic is still in full swing. Find out what jobs you can do here in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistant

The experience of being a virtual assistant can vary depending on what client you get for the online job. On a small scale, virtual assistants can help design and arrange a virtual birthday party, answer simple questions from clients, and conduct research about goods and services. On the larger scale, virtual assistants can fulfill every part of the job for major clients, including real-life meetings, remodeling projects, and invoicing clients. Some companies hire virtual assistants because the work is on the computer, but for some, the work itself is only part of the reason why virtual assistants are needed

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is hot these days because almost everything and everyone is shifting to digital. The job entails producing material, including text and images, which will be consumed online by an entire audience who are looking for a product or service they can’t find or aren’t seeing on the traditional channels. These folks are faced with a huge opportunity, since they are in charge of reaching them with a product or service that is tailor-made for their online behavior. Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing the marketer aims to reach a pre-defined audience. In digital marketing, the marketer creates content that is available to everyone who visits the site. However, there are a few key advantages in digital marketing.

Transparency is the best element of digital marketing. In traditional marketing the message is kept secret, or in some cases not known to the marketer until the client has been informed. But in digital marketing the message and the message only differs when the user arrives at the website.


One of the jobs under digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is a special way of SEO or Search Engine Optimization by which a site ranks high in search engines. In this process, the digital marketing company wants to improve the chance of an individual to achieve higher rankings and for which they will create the most beneficial content and format. SEO is a combination of content, keywords, URL structure, and ranking of a site on search engines like Google.

It is a useful process for website owners. It is a way of developing a website to rank high on Google. But most importantly, SEO is a way of increasing the website rankings by improving content, keywords, and more specific URL structures.

The need for SEO becomes important when the website owner is in the market for a highly ranked website. If the business has a website that ranks low in the search engines, then it cannot be able to compete with the competitors in the market. There is a need to increase the website rankings to get a greater chance of being noticed by the customers.

Social Media

Another job under digital marketing is social media marketing. From personal blogs to Facebook, social media is now important in every marketing plan. But which platform is best for your business? That’s not something you can easily answer.

Facebook: Though Facebook is mostly used for family and friends, it has a growing group of businesses. There is certainly a marketing advantage. You can reach a large number of people that way. That also makes it a harder system to breach with a social media campaign. But it can also be a rough terrain if you don’t have a solid plan.

Twitter: Though Twitter is a growing platform, it may be a time consuming one for your business. And that is hard on a marketing team. If you plan to use Twitter, make sure it matches the audience of your business. That may mean changing the content on your social media. Again, there are many tactics you can use. You can use email, phone, a local business directory, and even your own website to build a relationship. But the timing is crucial. Make sure your social media updates come when your customers are interested. Then you can take that data to build a marketing plan.

Instagram: Although Instagram has boomed, it is still a small platform. Most businesses have yet to join and Facebook and Twitter dominate Instagram. That means that a marketing team will be doing a lot of work to convince people to use your Instagram. One of the best ways is to simply be on Instagram. But that won’t generate the same amount of response as a large social media campaign.

LinkedIn: Just like Facebook, LinkedIn is a platform used by most professionals. Even though LinkedIn is a well-known site, it can be a hard terrain to break through on. It’s important that your LinkedIn profile is consistent and that you get on other networks. That way, you’ll have followers who can help share the posts you make. That is why a business needs a social media marketing plan. You need to think strategically about how to create a plan that is going to be successful.

Email marketing

Email marketing is also another job or skillset that falls under digital marketing.

Whether you’re using email marketing tools for personal emails or you’re using a service like MailChimp, marketers are working hard on growing their emails. The emphasis on personal emails is similar to the focus on Facebook ads.

Given the size of their target markets, email is still relatively cheap. However, email marketing is constantly changing. Email marketing tools may keep your emails fresh with some fun themes, but they are also keeping up with changing trends.

Marketers are quick to respond to changes in email marketing. This means that they can react to consumers changing preferences and respond to email trends. This means that email marketing may not remain in the same role in the future as it does now.

If you are working in marketing or if you’re managing a small team of marketing professionals, email marketing skills will likely be a mainstay in your responsibilities.


Transcribing audio is also another well-paying online job available in the Philippines. In fact, online services, such as, may be paying you to do just that.

Transcribing refers to identifying words, phrases and linguistic patterns for accurate transcription. This process requires the use of specialized software, such as Microsoft Translator Transcription Server (MTTS) and Windows Media Transcribing Server (WMTTS), that allow transcriptionists to perform automatic or semi-automatic transcription. Although less than perfect, automatic transcribing generally provides the highest accuracy.

On the contrary, semi-automatic transcription will require you to manually enter the text of each line in one or more formats (such as Microsoft Word, XML, HTML or other formats), as needed by a transcriber to transcribe a sentence accurately. This process also requires the use of special software, such as Microsoft Transcribe, TrueText and PDF Text Editor.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is also in demand right now next to digital marketing. It’s one of the most common online and freelancing jobs in the Philippines. Over 3,000 new graphic designers get hired each year. Most of them are employed in graphic design studios but the demand is steadily increasing with more companies working on designing the best designs for their products.

If you want to get started as a digital designer, you should look into creating desktop graphics online. That way you can get plenty of clients from around the world. Depending on the complexity of your project, a client might have to create five to eight different graphics for their company using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Since you’ll already have both tools, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on getting a design made professionally.

Customer Support

ustomer support jobs are also one of the most in-demand opportunities in the Philippines. There are a lot of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that hire CSRs online. Virtual assistance for business and customer support is one of the fastest growing jobs online and offers immediate, flexible work opportunities. When a customer contacts the customer support team, an online bot instantly responds with detailed steps and responses. Companies like Salesforce also offer virtual customer support. Virtual customer support creates great support and business operations for businesses and can become a great opportunity for aspiring CSRs in the Philippines.

This virtual customer support job is one of the most promising opportunities in the Philippines and online. The experience of working for a company like Salesforce could help a virtual customer support employee with developing new skills.

And customers can also take advantage of virtual customer support. Imagine getting instant and specific support from a customer support staff of Salesforce. The virtual helpdesk provides 24/7 services.

WordPress Developer

WordPress developers are also in demand. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems there is. There is a demand for WordPress Developers in the Philippines. In fact, people get the chance to build WordPress sites from local websites developers. WordPress is a great tool for bloggers. WordPress is known as a blogging platform. Since you are building a website with a blog in it, there is a high demand for WordPress Developers. Some freelance web developers say that blogging sites are going to be the next big thing. That is why you need a WordPress Developer to create a blog. When people read blogs, they tend to buy products, download apps, and just stay connected to other bloggers. So if you want to create a successful blog, you need a WordPress Developer. WordPress is known for its power. As you can see on the blog, the blog is highly powered. You can make it look more beautiful if you are going to build a blogging platform from it. WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform. WordPress Developers also have the potential to make websites and web apps from it. There is a demand for WordPress Developers in the Philippines.

There are a lot more online job opportunities out there. Many clients prefer to go for online freelancers in the Philippines because of the work ethic and quality. What online job would you like to do?