Turning Over A New Leaf: Zadia prepares ‘Greenspire’

After a tumultuous year of uncertainties that seemed to drag on at length, people have begun to give more importance to the quality of their living spaces. Having been a safe haven amid pandemic worries, homes have also turned into wellness enclaves — people take time to meditate indoors, to clean and purify their home,… Continue reading Turning Over A New Leaf: Zadia prepares ‘Greenspire’

Greenfield City: Safe Home Away from Home

Amid the ongoing pandemic, going about one’s day with ease has become increasingly important. Life, as they say, must go on. But while the global health crisis remains a threat, safety has become the quintessential measure of peace of mind these days: to live, work, and play in a safe space not just within the… Continue reading Greenfield City: Safe Home Away from Home

Why People Buy Condominiums

Real estate can be tricky. You have to make sure that you know how to buy condominiums in the Philippines properly. Different types of condominiums There are different types of condominiums available to consumers and business owners in the Philippines. The property types are: Residences Retail stores Office buildings Government-owned property Alternative rental Apartments The… Continue reading Why People Buy Condominiums