Who is Small Laude?

Discover the extravagant lifestyle of Small Laude, a name synonymous with luxury, philanthropy, and social media fame. In this comprehensive profile, we delve into her opulent world, uncovering the facets of her life that captivate a general audience.

Small Laude is not just a name; it’s a brand that represents the pinnacle of affluence and social media presence. Behind the glitz and glamour is Marissa Eduardo, a woman who has mastered the art of living life king-size while also sharing her journey with the world through vlogs. This article explores the life of Small Laude, her family background, business ventures, and how she spends her fortune, including her philanthropic endeavors.

Family and Fortune

Small Laude, born Marissa Eduardo, is married to Philip Laude, heir to the confectionary empire Candyman. Together, they have four children and have built a life that many can only dream of.

The Laude Residence

The Laude family’s abode is nothing short of a modern palace. Designed by Ed Calma, their six-story home is a testament to their success and taste for the finer things in life.

  • Architectural Marvel: The home features scenic elevators, a pool area, and a vast art collection.
  • International Home: In addition to their Philippine residence, the Laudes own a mansion in Beverly Hills, reflecting Small’s love for Los Angeles.

Social Media Presence

Small Laude has taken to social media to give the world a glimpse into her life. Her vlogs and Instagram posts are a source of fascination for many.

  • Vlogging Journey: Inspired by her friend Karen Davila, Small began vlogging to share her experiences and has since gained a substantial following.
  • Content Variety: Her content spans from family adventures in Manila to her opulent lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Fashion and Wardrobe

Small Laude’s wardrobe is a fashion enthusiast’s dream, housing collections from top designer brands, including exclusive Hermès bags like the Birkin 30 Himalayan.

High Society and Parties

As a socialite, Small is often seen at high-profile parties and events, mingling with celebrities and influential personalities like Vicki Belo and the Hadid family.

How did Small Laude start her vlogging career? 

Encouraged by journalist Karen Davila, Small Laude began vlogging to share her life experiences and has since built a significant online following.

Education and Family

The Laude children attend prestigious institutions, reflecting the family’s emphasis on quality education. Their youngest daughter, Allison, is an alumna of International School Manila.

Travel and Leisure

The Laude family enjoys luxurious travel, with Small often flying first class to destinations around the world to satisfy her cravings or attend exclusive events.


Despite her wealth, Small Laude is deeply involved in charity work, giving back to the community through various philanthropic activities.

What businesses are associated with the Laude family? 

The Laude family has interests in confectionery, garment exports, rice milling, and trading, as well as businesses like Timson Printing and Timson Securities.

Small Laude’s life is a blend of luxury, business acumen, and a heart for giving. Her story is one of success, style, and substance, inspiring many to dream big and live generously.