TDCX Leads the Way to Being Happier, Kinder, Greener

Finding calm in the chaos may be easy for some people, but many still see this as a challenge, especially now amid a global pandemic. TDCX is one company that is working to make sure that it weathers this storm as a business, and as individuals making up an entire working team. The boutique outsourcing company commits to doing all they can to provide their employees not just much-needed job security during uncertainty, but a morale boost in the form of good deeds as well.

In a bid to create a worldwide transformational impact not just by being recognized in the BPO industry, but also by putting in extra effort and going beyond to help out at a time when people need it the most, TDCX established its global corporate social responsibility program. CSR at TDCX started way back in 2015, and with the company’s steady growth and global expansion, TDCX recognized the need to align its ambitions, set objectives, and standardize programs globally.

The three pillars

TDCX’s new CSR program is anchored on three main pillars that encompass the company’s ethos and goal of bringing positive transformation. “We’ve always known which areas we wanted to focus on and create the greatest impact. For years, we’ve been supporting various causes and initiatives that reflect our company values. It was just a matter of timing and formalizing everything,” said Rhinnon Pamintuan, TDCX Philippines CSR Champion. “Through our global CSR program, we want to contribute to the betterment of our people, local communities, and environment.” 

The first pillar BeHappier aims to uplift the lives of TDCX employees through diversity, inclusion, engagement, well-being, and more. Ever since the first imposition of COVID-19 lockdown measures, the company has held many online activities to help boost employee morale, from yoga classes to learning festivals. Promotions and career acceleration carried on, too.

Last December 2020, TDCX virtually celebrated its 25th anniversary as well — a festive event orchestrated ultimately to give back by promoting employee engagement and happiness and recognizing the contributions of outstanding employees. More than 6,000 TDpeeps from across the globe took part in the celebration.

The second pillar under the CSR program is BeKinder, which focuses on encouraging TDCX employees to take part in empowering local communities. Towards the end of 2020, TDCX went on to respond to several crises worldwide, lending a helping hand to natural calamity victims, providing necessary aid to many communities, leading and conducting donation drives and bloodletting programs, and providing free meals to medical frontliners.

One of the highlights of TDCX Philippines’ efforts last quarter and still in line with the celebration of their 25th anniversary was the donation of 25 smart tablets. In partnership with World Vision, the company donated the tablets to Longos Elementary School in Malabon City to support the school’s online learning program. In terms of donations, TDCX was able to donate $25,000 or about P1.2 million and be of assistance to 12,700 beneficiaries worldwide.

BeGreener, the third and last pillar recognizes the need for everyone to come together and play a part in preserving and protecting the environment. This is done by continuously improving TDCX’s workspace sustainability efforts, reducing its carbon footprint, and promoting environmental preservation. The best example of this, despite the constraints of the pandemic, TDCX was able to plant 1,558 trees in the Philippines and Colombia, protecting the forests and wildlife as well.  

“We may be considered a fledgling in an area where many have long imprinted their marks, but TDCX fully embarks on its CSR journey with a steadfast commitment,” TDCX Philippines CSR Champion Rhinnon Pamintuan said. “After launching our global CSR program last year, the only path left for us now is to continue what we’ve been doing, this time, guided by clearer goals and better strategies.”  

Spearheaded by their CSR ambassadors, TDCX teams spread across Asia and Europe have successfully begun to diversify their philanthropic efforts. Since its launch, many TDCX employees around the world have expressed their support and commitment to the program that not only adds to their personal sense of accomplishment but also adds value to every person they come across as well.

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