The Rise of ‘Mekus Mekus’: A Closer Look at the Viral Catchphrase

You’ve probably come across the new viral catchphrase “Mekus Mekus” on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This amusing expression has gained popularity through the comedic reactions of a Philippine-based Indian vlogger known as Mr. Nobodydudy. But what exactly does “Mekus Mekus” mean and why has it become so popular?

Mr. Nobodydudy, whose real name is Navhot Singh, has attracted a massive following on social media, with 3.4 million Facebook followers, 400,000 Instagram followers, and 23,700 TikTok followers. He is known for his comedic reaction videos featuring street food vendors cooking colorful and flavorful cuisines from his home country of India. In these videos, Mr. Nobodydudy often says “Mekus Mekus” when the vendors stir their food preparation.

To clarify the meaning of “Mekus Mekus,” Mr. Nobodydudy posted a detailed explanation on TikTok. In the video, he humorously explains, “Mekus Mekus, mix mix ha. Kami na Indian we cannot pronounce straight, baka yung iba kaya nila yan, ako hindi.” This translates to “Mekus Mekus, mix mix, okay. We Indians cannot pronounce straight. Maybe some can, but I can’t.” He emphasizes that “Mekus Mekus” is simply his way of pronouncing “mix mix” with an elongated syllable due to his Indian accent.

The popularity of “Mekus Mekus” has led to other content creators jumping on the bandwagon and using the catchphrase in their own videos. Mr. Nobodydudy’s entertaining expressions also include “tornado na yan” when the cook swirls their food mixture intensely, and endearing Filipino terms like “tito” (uncle), “insan” (cousin), and “pamangkin” (niece or nephew) to refer to his compatriots.

However, fame has its drawbacks, and Mr. Nobodydudy has faced some challenges since gaining popularity. He revealed that he has received death threats from fellow Indians in the Philippines who find his India-related content offensive. This has made him feel vulnerable and unsafe to go outside. Despite these challenges, Mr. Nobodydudy remains grateful for the support he receives from Filipinos, who continue to appreciate his comedic acts and even ask why he has yet to appear on TV.

It is important to note that “Mekus Mekus” is just one of the catchphrases used by Mr. Nobodydudy. His content revolves around providing humorous reactions to Indian street food preparation, and he has found a niche in the Philippines by introducing Filipino audiences to Indian cuisine and culture through his videos.

In conclusion, “Mekus Mekus” is a playful expression popularized by the Indian vlogger Mr. Nobodydudy. It is his amusing way of saying “mix mix” with an elongated syllable due to his Indian accent. The catchphrase has gained immense popularity on social media platforms, with other content creators joining the craze. However, along with fame, Mr. Nobodydudy has faced challenges, including receiving death threats from some Indians in the Philippines. Despite these challenges, he remains committed to creating content and is grateful for the unwavering support of his Filipino fans.