BTS Pop Up Store Opening at SM Megamall

Filipino ARMYs rejoice as an official BTS pop up store will finally open in the Philippines, specifically at SM Megamall.

News broke out after the official Facebook page of SM Megamall posted a photo of the BTS logo inside the mall. This means that the BTS “Map of the Soul” pop up store in SM Megamall is already under construction.

BTS Merch in the Philippines?

What would the BTS pop up store sell for ARMYs and casual fans alike?

Of course, there will be the usual BTS merch such as t-shirts, caps, badges, and even face masks. Some ARMYs are asking if there will be official albums and photocards available.

There are already hundreds of sellers online and there are also some smaller KPOP merch stores that sell BTS albums. NCAT is one of such stores.

What ARMYs will most likely look out for are limited edition BTS merch. No details have been confirmed yet but the Map of the Soul showcase in Singapore featured Tiny Tan items, as well as Dynamite-themed merch.

BTS Map of the Soul Pop Up Store Philippines Opening Date

Unfortunately, an opening date for the BTS pop up store in Megamall has not been revealed. In addition, everyone involved might be cautious to open anytime soon because of the circumstances. We will keep you updated once an opening date has been disclosed!

What can you do in the mean time? Seeing as fans will most likely spend a lot of money at the BTS pop up store, you might as well try and save up today. You can start with work from home jobs or even start your own business with these different ideas for 2021.

BTS will also be releasing their second full English single “Butter” on May 21. Stay safe ARMYs!